Corinne Morgan has always gone out of her way to stay out of trouble. All she wants  is to graduate from the notoriously brutal Anna Dale Academy in one piece. Unfortunately, her headmistress seems out to get her Рand a vicious trio of students known as The I.C. are too!

All this would be enough for anyone to handle, but things get a million times crazier when Corinne acquires a crystal ball that revives her ancestor, an Irish war goddess with her own plans for revenge and in need of a new body.

Forced to co-exist with a second persona in her own head, Corinne draws upon her own resourcefulness and her father’s business connections. She secretly builds a suit of impenetrable high-tech armor that provides her with the strength of sixteen 16 year-old girls. Coupled with the supernatural abilities now bestowed upon her – most notably a set of spectral wings and the power of flight – she assumes the alias Corbie and plans to strike back against the I.C. In doing so, she sets off a chain reaction of events that leads to her battling a wild array of super-powered villains, from rival gods to swamp ogres.

Whether it’s on her home turf of Beverly Hills, in the darkest depths of the Irish countryside, in or other dimensions, Corbie goes toe-to-toe with the forces of darkness while, as Corinne, she continues to face the daily challenges of a highly sensitive teenager in an often overwhelming world.