“Corinne Morgan, Corbie” Spring 2019 Update

CMC Blog: Spring Update

It’s been a while since I posted a new blog entry! Apologies for the radio silence, my focus of late has been on getting issue three of Corbie completed. Here’s an overview of everything that’s been happening in the world of our crusading corvid over the last few months:

  • We’re edging closer to completion of issue 3 – still far behind schedule, but the real heavy lifting is behind us now. All penciling and digital cleanup is done. Lettering is next, then colouring, and I’m hoping to power through both stages so we can get this new Corbie adventure out there.
  • Corbie is now on YouTube! I’ve been documenting the production process of issue 3 through a series of livestreams. This is very much a work in progress, so I’d be interested to know what kind of content you’d like to see on the channel – do you want more behind the scenes content about what goes into making comics, or perhaps discussion of topics connected to CMC like introversion? Let me know via the usual channels, and in the meantime don’t forget to like / subscribe / hit the notification bell, you know the deal.
  • You can also now support Corbie on Ko-Fi. I’ve set a very modest initial goal of £22 to keep me in Sugar Free Red Bulls for a month so I have the energy to keep making comics. Any and all donations will be appreciated, and additional content will be made available soon to everyone who chips in. Stay tuned!
  • Once issue #3 is complete, there are tentative plans in place to produce expanded versions of the first three comics. Issue #1 would have redrawn art that’s more on-model with the current character designs and additional pages. The second issue would also have additional pages. Issue #3 would have the same main story as the standard version, but would include a second back-up mini story. All three expanded editions would also include supplemental material and alternate covers. These would be premium (i.e. paid-for) releases that would exist alongside the free versions. Moving forward, all future issues will have a basic version available for free alongside the expanded paid versions.

We’re starting the process of transitioning from Corbie being more of a side project to a commercial venture, but our mission to empower HSPs and introverts remains the same, and the basic version of the comic will also remain free. As always, keep an eye on the CMC social media accounts for daily updates!

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