Issue 2 Preview Round-Up

Issue 2 Preview Round-Up

Issue 2 of Corinne Morgan, Corbie is almost here! It feels like only a few weeks ago that #1 went online. Time flies when you’re having fun (just like our heroine), and to whet your appetite for what’s to come, we’ve been dropping teasers on social media. If you’ve missed any of our posts, here’s a round-up of what’s been revealed so far!

Corinne encounters the Morrigan (from issue #2, page 1)

When we last left Corinne, she had found herself face-to-face with The Morrigan! But what’s the connection between the two of them, and just what is it that this ancient Irish war goddess wants?

Corbie in the test armor (from CMC issue #2)

Later in this issue, we get to see Corinne finally suit up in the familiar black-and-grey Corbie armor for the first time! But before that, we also spend some time with her in this test suit. The scene that this appears in is perhaps the most moving in these first few issues – but after a few moments of reflection, the action soon gets going…

The IC (L to R: Josie, Maxine and Ruby) in Corinne Morgan, Corbie issue #2.

Josie, Maxine and Ruby have terrorized anyone in Anna Dale Academy that they perceive to be easy prey, including Corinne and Sadie. In issue #2, their actions come back to haunt them in a way they could never have expected – and the encounter that follows will have huge repercussions for everyone involved that continue to unfold in future stories.

Mystery Character #1
Mystery Character #2

Speaking of huge repercussions, issue #2 also sees the debut of two new characters who’ll have a big impact on Corinne/Corbie’s adventures moving forward! Admittedly, we haven’t given you much to go on in these images… but could there be further clues to their identities scattered across the CMC social media accounts?

Opening page of CMC issue #2 on a tablet device.

Finally, last week we presented a glimpse of how the opening page of issue #2 looks on a tablet device! As with CMC #1, you’ll be able to read this one online, or download it to enjoy on your favourite tablet or e-reader.

Stay tuned to Corbie on social media (on Twitter, Instagram, Mastodon, and now Pixelfed and Facebook) for further updates – later this week we’ll be posting a further glimpse at issue 2’s cover art, as well as video footage documenting the creation of the first page. And of course, don’t forget to visit readcmc.com on December 22 to read “My Teenage Revenge Power Fantasy”!

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