ISSUE 3 now available for download

Corinne Morgan Corbie issue #3 now available for download!

The long-awaited third issue of "Corinne Morgan, Corbie", The Long Way Back Home, has finally arrived! In this installment, A battle with Morrigan's sisters Neamhain and Macha sets off a chain of events that sees Corbie navigating the dangers of the Irish countryside. NOTE: Contains PG-level superhero action. ...

Issue Two - Now available for download

Corinne Morgan, Corbie Issue #2 now available for download!

The second issue of Corinne Morgan, Corbie, "My Teenage Revenge Power Fantasy", is now available. After finding herself face-to-face with the ancient Irish goddess of death known as the Morrigan, Corinne suits up as Corbie for the first time - and goes to war with the IC! NOTE: This issue contains some PG-13 level ...

Issue 2 Preview Round-Up

Issue 2 Preview Round-Up

Issue 2 of Corinne Morgan, Corbie is almost here! It feels like only a few weeks ago that #1 went online. Time flies when you're having fun (just like our heroine), and to whet your appetite for what's to come, we've been dropping teasers on social media. If you've missed any of our posts, here's a round-up of what's ...